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Buy divalproex 350 mg cocoa, divalproex online purchase reviews nz

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Is Bipolar 2 a serious mental illness? Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes dramatic shifts in a person's mood, energy and ability to think clearly. People with bipolar experience high and low moods—known as mania and depression—which differ from the typical ups-and-downs most people experience.
What is the definition of manic behavior? A manic episode is not a disorder in and of itself, but rather is diagnosed as a part of a condition called bipolar disorder. A manic episode is an emotional state characterized by a period of at least one week where an elevated, expansive, or unusually irritable mood exists.
How do time release pills work? Time - release drugs use a special technology to release small amounts of the medication into a person's system over a long period of time. This is also referred to as sustained release, extended release, or controlled release. These tend to come in pill form and are simply made to be more potent but dissolve slowly.
Can bipolar be treated without meds? Bipolar has no cure, but treatment can manage the symptoms. Severe mood episodes may affect a person's daily life because both high and low periods can interfere with sleep, work performance, and relationships.
How long do bipolar episodes last? Untreated, an episode of mania can last anywhere from a few days to several months. Most commonly, symptoms continue for a few weeks to a few months. Depression may follow shortly after, or not appear for weeks or months. Many people with bipolar I disorder experience long periods without symptoms in between episodes.
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